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Speaker | Trainer | Facilitator

Some of Rebecca's recent clients include Pixar Animation Studio, LucasFilm, Capital One Bank, Stanford University, and Telltale Games. Rebecca has also worked with hundreds of organizations in high-tech, education, and management consulting areas. For these clients, she has consulted and conducted training in such areas as collaboration, creativity, communications, story-telling, presentation skills, leadership skills, training for trainers, and improvisation classes.

Partial Client List:

Animation Mentor

Electronic Arts

Disney Feature Animation

Dreamworks Animation SKG




Pearson Publishing

Pixar Animation Studios


Stanford University

Telecare Corporation

Telltale Games


U.C. Berkeley Business Extension

U.S. Federal Government

Latest News

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& Listening

Improvisation requires excellence in communication. For a group of people to go onstage together and spontaneously create scenes and stories, requires adept self-expression, and an extremely high level of attention. Not only does improv improve verbal communication, but it heightens non-verbal communications as well. Through interactive exercises, theatre games, and the co-creation of spontaneous stories, participants will consciously increase awareness, attention, and the ability to focus in all communication situations.

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