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Born and raised in Washington State, Rebecca Stockley fell in love with theatre in her teens. She pursued her passion for acting, attending the University of Washington Professional Actor Training Program where she got her BFA.

For several years, Rebecca lived from play to play, residing in various cities, holding various jobs, while acting and directing. In the mid '80s, a series of coincidences led Rebecca to Seattle and her first Seattle TheatreSportstm (Unexpected Productions) workshop. Within days, she was performing improv on stage. Within weeks, she was completely obsessed with improvisation. Within months, she was teaching the workshop that resulted in the birth of BATS Improv in San Francisco over 30 years ago. Within a year, Rebecca was working in organizations, applying the principles of improvisational theatre to teams in the workplace.

Rebecca has lived in San Francisco since 1989 and she and her husband both regularly perform at BATS Improv. Rebecca teaches workshops around the world, using the principles of improvisation to inform, transform, and inspire people, organizations, and businesses.

A founding member of San Francisco's premiere improvisational theatre, BATS Improv, Rebecca was Dean of BATS School of Improv for 11 years - and she continues to perform on BATS stage and teach BATS workshops.

In addition to Rebecca's Applied Improvisation work, Rebecca has created and implemented improvisational theatre workshops and programs for several theatres including: the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; ACT Advanced Training Program; Berkeley Rep School of Theatre; Stanford University; Impro Labo and Tilt in Tokyo; Impro Melbourne in Melbourne; TVA in Amsterdam; and Stella Polaris Theatre in Helsinki.

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