Speaker | Trainer | Facilitator

Some of Rebecca's recent clients include Pixar Animation Studios, LucasFilm, Stanford University, and Apple Developer Academy. Rebecca has also worked with hundreds of organizations in high-tech, education, and management consulting areas. For these clients, she has consulted and conducted training in such areas as collaboration, creativity, communications, story-telling, presentation skills, leadership skills, training for trainers, and improvisation classes.

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Private Speechskills Coaching

In 2005, I began training for the San Francisco based company, SpeechSkills. Whether you want to increase your overall skill level or prepare for an upcoming event, I can provide personalized coaching in hourly sessions via video chat or onsite in SpeechSkills San Francisco office.

Preparing for a big event? I'll help you make the most of your moment in the spotlight. I provide expert, on-the-spot coaching to fine-tune your content and liven up your delivery. We can work at your location or at Speechskills.

With exercises and concrete feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, you'll focus on these areas: Project credibility and confidence, connect more effectively with your audience, and find the perfect balance between appearing authoritative and approachable.