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Some of Rebecca's recent clients include Pixar Animation Studio, Stanford University, and Mulago Foundation. Rebecca has also worked with hundreds of organizations in high-tech, education, and management consulting areas. For these clients, she has consulted and conducted training in such areas as collaboration, creativity, communications, story-telling, presentation skills, leadership skills, training for trainers, and improvisation workshops.

What is Applied Improvisation?

Applied Improvisation: The same principles that help improvisers co-create scenes, stories, songs, and plays on our feet in real time aid people off stage in collaboration, communication, and co-creation. Think about your work on teams; some groups just work really, really well together. We usually attribute that group-cohesion to someone, or some thing like, "We lucked-out, we just get along." or "She's a great leader." By the same token, when a group doesn't work well together, we attribute it to chance or to individuals, "We had trouble from the start" or "He's not a good manager". The skills that make collaboration work are identifiable, learnable, and repeatable. Applied Improvisation addresses the core skills of collaboration and communication.

From conference keynote speaker to lunchtime brown-bag talk, Rebecca's presentations are lively and interactive.

Rebecca's Applied Improvistion

Partial Client List

Apple Developer Academy

Apple Distinguished Educators

Capital One Bank

Disney Feature Animation


Electronic Arts

Mulago Foundation


Pixar Animation Studios

Stanford University

United States Government

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